# hi!! I'm Kamilė Lukošiūtė^[ ![[L1003459.jpg | 200]]]. I live in the Bay Area. I'm currently working on improving the epistemics of LLM evaluations. Contact me at `[lastnamefirstname]@gmail.com` (sans diacritics). I like getting emails! ### blog posts about evals - [[You need to be spending more money on evals]]: On over-generalisation in LLM evaluations - [[Maybe don't give language models standardized tests]]: On misleading LLM evaluations ### blog posts about other topics - [[American Character]]: On the best things about America - [[Neutron star mergers and fast surrogate modeling]]: On my astrophysics research - [[What does BCEWithLogits actually do?]]: On technical details - [[When can a tensor be view()ed?]]: On more technical details ### past work - I was a resident researcher at Anthropic, where I worked on scalable oversight and evaluations. One of my publicly available projects was on [model-written evals](https://arxiv.org/abs/2212.09251). - I was a PhD in machine learning for theoretical physics but dropped out to help to make AI's safe. - During my bachelor's and master's in physics, I published a paper on [training cVAE surrogate models for kilonova parameter inference](https://arxiv.org/abs/2204.00285). ### contact! [[CV.pdf |CV/Resume]] [twitter](https://twitter.com/kamilelukosiute)